Klaudia Szewcowa – Yogi, Extrasensory Perception Specialist, Bioenergy Therapist, Clairvoyant

Since 1983, for 41 years, I have been a yogi, clairvoyant, and bioenergy therapist healing people, but that is only part of my paranormal abilities. Utilizing them is an everyday occurrence for me. I owe all of them to practicing yoga and a 40-day trance I entered during meditation. It was this trance that unleashed my supernatural powers and allowed me to hear the Voice of the Teacher, who is still with me today.

Yoga has been, is, and always will be the most important part of my life. It is my sole tool for achieving the goals I set for myself. I heal and diagnose exclusively telepathically – through thought. I do not need additional gadgets or physical presence. Thanks to this, I act as a phone clairvoyant and conduct remote bioenergy therapy, because I heal at the level of consciousness, which differs from external reality and knows no bounds.

Natural medicine recognizes biotherapy as one of its methods. In my opinion, however, it is a separate discipline, incomparable to any other and perfect in itself. It uses a tool that can be utilized in various fields of life. It is energy…

Our entire Universe is pure, lightless, subtle energy, which, due to the diversity in speeds, has a wave nature and often exceeds the speed of light established by physicists. It constantly creates new forms of the micro- and macro-world. It is everything: a rock, a star, a galaxy, it is also the human organism, it is a quantum. It is the creation of „black holes.” It disrupts our perception of spacetime. The innumerable variety of wave speeds changes the behavior of time and space, mixes the future with the past, intertwines them, creating an immeasurable number of coexisting copies of all times, creating new, similar, dynamically changing worlds. All this happens at unimaginable speeds, according to the laws governing there. Paranormal phenomena and abilities, including clairvoyance, are manifestations of the micro-world in our macro-world. They are not mystical miracles; they are natural laws yet to be discovered by humans. They exist – whether we know about them or not.

I do not rely on book knowledge, films, ancient, or scientific knowledge, but on the messages from my Teacher and the supernatural abilities I possess.

Thought is both matter and energy – it is power.

As a bioenergy therapist and clairvoyant, I use it and its laws.

It’s not Buddha – It’s Me! 🙂



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